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Update From the Best Blog Team

Hello everyone! It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted last and I thought I’d give you guys and gals an update. Ken is still behind the great firewall of China, Lily’s going to be taking some time a bit of down time and I’m dealing with college.

Which brings me to a few other things. We here at Best Blogs get email literally every week requesting to be on the blog. Some of it is very nice while some of the emails are down right scary!

If we haven’t written about you on the blog, please do not panic. Ken’s a cool person in China, Lily’s a very energetic woman and I for goodness sakes am only a college student so if we don’t get to your blog then it’s probably because I’m doing my homework and or Lily’s drinking coffee.

I’m busy doing my 9rules thing and I enjoy stepping back every once and a while to write about blogging and life here on the blog.

If you’re interested in being part of the team (we can always use help) don’t be afraid to shoot us over an email. And I’ll try to get some posts up this week after my midterms. That’s all for now!

Best Blogs Revisited

Oh boy here it goes. I thought I would take some time to look back and reflect on some of the blogs that I personally have reviewed on Best Blogs. Are they still updating? Does their content still hold up to Best Blog standards? Well let’s take a look shall we.

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Best Blog of the Month (April)

There isn't any. (Although a number of us had voted for oneduasan.)

We missed the selection for March and it is almost half way through May now. We selected blog for Janurary and Feburary, but I'm thinking should we even continue?

11 blogs were featured in April. Our statistics look depressing:

  • January 41 posts
  • Feburary 28 posts
  • March 22 posts
  • April 13 posts
  • May 3 posts (so far)

The only consolation appears to be the fact that we managed to prove:

More editors, less posts.

Consider this.

  • January: 1 editor
  • Feburary: 3 editors
  • March: 6 editors
  • April: 8 editors
  • May: 8 editors

This post was originally meant for the editor mailing list. On second thought I like to hear from the readers too.

  1. Do you think this blog has outlived its usefulness? (Was it even useful at all?)
  2. Do you see this blog as another personal blog or a community project?
  3. What ideas do you have for this blog going forward?

Hello world!

Like it or not, i am now an editor of BestBlog!

I dont want this to be an "about me" entry like those countless others painted on forums, blogs, profiles, walls and payjamas. But, the earth keeps on rotating, my not liking it means zilch!

Who am i? I am a student of Law, who's been thinking since January (not very long, i know.) I run a blog titled: Phantastic Ruminations. Its got nothing much really, just a result of my desire to speak out sometimes… At others, just banter!

I love that 'next blog' button on the top right. (and that's kinda why im here)

later, cheers or whatever…

Introducing another new editor

Following a call for some assistance, the editors of bestblog now number 7 so spreading the workload a little. I'll quickly introduce myself.

My name is Jonathan and I've been with WordPress for 5 months or so with the 2012 Olympic Competitor site. Professionally, I work in eBusiness so I'm interested in blogging in the corporate world too. It's fascinating to see how the format can be used.

I'm a great believer in borrowing the best ideas, so I'll be searching the wordpress blogs for the cleverest, most interesting ideas for content. I'm also keen to see how you're all using the new widget facilities.

Look forward to seeing your efforts.

– J

New writer on board. Again.

Hi folks, my name is Laurent. As an intro, let’s say that i’m 24, living in Paris, France, and student. I run a musical blog called Special Things // Special Songs, written in French, that I might try translate in english one day.

I’m kind of a newbie to blogging (3 month). A big majority of french blogs are about “today, my friend said that or so…”. Kind of “3615 my life” as we say in France. And i don’t like that. I’m found of subject oriented blogs. The more  “oriented” it is, the more I like it. I also like to learn things which makes me doubtfull about mono-line posts.

I’m joining the Best Blog crew to give more visibility to underrated blogs. I will probably be focusing my posts on french blogs, and music or press&medias oriented blogs, as they are my main interests. But i’m a curious mind, so let’s also talk about gardening, philosophy or cooking. or Mohamed. Or UFOs.

New Writer On Board

Hello my name is Michael and I will be joining the Best Blog On WordPress team starting today.

What do you do? Well to tell you the truth I actually still a student and live in Hawaii. And that's all I'm willing to reveal on the internet. I also run a subject oriented blog called Helpdesk Magazine. It's a lot of fun.

What do you think of this particular blog? I think this is one of the best things to happen to aside from the new features. I know the guys who run really appreciate this blog and I hope that everyone else on this site does too.

How do you determine what's a good blog? : I'm glad that I asked myself this question. When I look at a blog, not only do I look for a nice site layout, but I also look for a clear purpose. For instance, if you talk about how random your day was for 40 posts, I probably won't care. But…if you write about how you plan to take over the world, now that's cool.

Did you draw that U.F.O.? Yes, I'm afraid I did. If we were to talk about personal branding this drawing would be my official logo.

-Peace out. Michael


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