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A Slice of Life

Witty, down-to-earth, and great with a good cup of coffee.  That is what A Slice of Life is. 

I stumbled across this blog after Susan, the author, left a very nice comment on my own personal blog.  Little did I suspect that clicking on her name would lead me to several enjoyable musings.

So take a minute, pour yourself a cup of coffee and relax with a bit of A Slice of Life.


Well, after a long hiatus I finally bring you another offering from the fine editors at bestblog.

Have you ever wondered what went on inside the mind of a young woman? Well, Abby over at the Mennogirl blog has decided to give us a glimpse into just that.

Abby is a current Chicago resident who has dedicated her blog to the purpose of self expression. As she says:

I don’t tend to write about much beyond the random thoughts that enter my head, so if you are looking for consistently amazing writing, biting social commentary, deep personal revelations you might want to look elsewhere. But if you are up for some randomness with a bit of dorkiness and a twist of wit, welcome.

Indeed, the writings of mennogirl are rather random but still quite engaging and personable. So for a bit of dorky randomness (in a good way) check out Mennogirl.

– Tylor

White Thoughts No-One Sees

The discovery of today’s best blog came about in a slightly different manner than my usual method. This blog was actually one I stumbled upon via a pingback on our “Blog a Day” post. Apparently Kerryn thought it would be interesting to write about us instead of the other way around. So, now to the review.

White Thoughts No-One Sees is a personal blog written by a woman named Kerryn. Kerryn is an Australian who is apparently not afraid of a challenge which is evidenced in her latest post telling of her desire to “read a book that I want to hurl against the wall in a fit of pique.” In all seriousness, though, Kerryn seems to be a blogger with a knack for expressing her thoughts and reporting the events of her life with wit and wisdom.

Some andecdotes of note include (but are not limited to):

Overall, White Thoughts No-One Sees is a well written and personable account of the life and thoughts of this Austrailian woman of many roles.

A nice find for our December Blog-a-day.

Still Learning Dad

Still Learning Dad is the personal blog of Shane Arthur, a college ministry worker at ODU. Just a quick overview of the site will give you the impression that this author is a bookworm with a full and active outside life.

Still Learning Dad is striking in its balanced approach to the author’s life. While this blog is not at all lacking in spiritual and personal insight the author also takes the time to write on those small events that make life full. With a conversational and personable tone Shane manages to blend the insightful with the daily in a way that breaks down the divide between the two.

Travelling Through The Wire

Travelling Through The Wire

given the gift it takes you higher

Info junkies, your eyes will immediately brighten as the machine reveals to you its universe of astronomy, philosophy, society and more.

Not to be missed too is the selection of quotations, views cutting across time and space.

How to Get on Best Blogs: Not Really Rules…More Like Guidelines

bestblog icon
We’ve actually been getting a lot of emails asking about how to get on Best Blogs. Well that’s a really tough question. Cause that’s like asking to get noticed in a stack of hay. There are one hundred and six thousand blogs and counting listed on and finding your blog is like finding nickles on the street. Chances are we won’t find it. What can you do to get noticed?

That’s really tough. I would make friends in the blogging community. Add people to your blogroll and comment on other people’s site. And don’t forget to have good blogable material. Write about what interests you and have a passion for it.

If you want to read more articles on how to improve your exposure. I suggest reading Lorelle on WordPress. It’s a great resource for bloggers! Here, I’m now linking you to a great post on improving your exposure…the right way.

Anyway, I’m opening up the conversation. What do you think constitutes a “good” blog? Go ahead and leave a comment.

From the Desert to the Sea

From the Desert to the Sea… by John Stodder

Observations from an interlude in exile.

Art, politics, science, history, business, music, mindshare, news, sports, technology, blog, writing. The blogroll itself is enough reason to visit. Things that make John enthusiastic, curious, angry and amused.

Because the World Is Round

Because the World Is Round

Still doin’ it bloggystyle!

Mike, the owner, is a sandwich lover and a professional book editor who writes lovely poems but he classifies them as bad poetry himself… More self-confidence, Michael, personally I liked them! I also found something you might want to know, Mike’s secret identity!!!

Photo Steve

Photo Steve

Unlucky In Blogs

Why Photo? He should really be Funny Steve. If your are not blogging from work, at least read his blog from work. ROTFL.


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