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How to Get on Best Blogs: Not Really Rules…More Like Guidelines

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We’ve actually been getting a lot of emails asking about how to get on Best Blogs. Well that’s a really tough question. Cause that’s like asking to get noticed in a stack of hay. There are one hundred and six thousand blogs and counting listed on and finding your blog is like finding nickles on the street. Chances are we won’t find it. What can you do to get noticed?

That’s really tough. I would make friends in the blogging community. Add people to your blogroll and comment on other people’s site. And don’t forget to have good blogable material. Write about what interests you and have a passion for it.

If you want to read more articles on how to improve your exposure. I suggest reading Lorelle on WordPress. It’s a great resource for bloggers! Here, I’m now linking you to a great post on improving your exposure…the right way.

Anyway, I’m opening up the conversation. What do you think constitutes a “good” blog? Go ahead and leave a comment.

Hello world!

Like it or not, i am now an editor of BestBlog!

I dont want this to be an "about me" entry like those countless others painted on forums, blogs, profiles, walls and payjamas. But, the earth keeps on rotating, my not liking it means zilch!

Who am i? I am a student of Law, who's been thinking since January (not very long, i know.) I run a blog titled: Phantastic Ruminations. Its got nothing much really, just a result of my desire to speak out sometimes… At others, just banter!

I love that 'next blog' button on the top right. (and that's kinda why im here)

later, cheers or whatever…

Mike’s *NIX Notes

Mike's *NIX Notes

Why can't I remember this stuff?… We tried not to cover too many computer blogs but once in a while we run into a nice one.

So just for the Unix guys. Have you forgotten that cron format or want to rsync over ssh? How about a quick search and replace usine a perl one-liner?

Now Mike can you help me remember whether target or destination comes first for tar and ln.

Brent VanFossen, Engineer with a View

Brent VanFossen, Engineer with a View

VanFossen Unlimited – Commercial Aircraft Engineering – FAA DER

News of the aircraft industry, airline industry and aircraft engineering.

Route 66 News

Route 66 News

A clearinghouse of news and events pertaining to historic Route 66, the Mother Road.

Every bits of information and interesting things people are doing on Route 66. Losing weight, raising awareness of chronic pain, creating bottle sculptures and protesting, all on one long road.



For the mom who loves to shop.

Mommies, you will want to check out these best buys – sweat pants, shoes, bibs and strollers. Sharing the joy of motherhood.

oneduasan (yes you are updating!)

There's something about the oneduasan blog that impresses me. The blog itself is a collection of how too guides created by the poster.

Sample Topics:

  • How to use your car's remote.
  • How to cook maggi mee.
  • How to shut up your personal computer.

Oh and props for writing a guide on how to turn on an Emac.


Emmanuel Parody is a french journalist. He used to be the chief editor of, and is now in charge of the growth of the french websites of CNET Networks. 

On his WordPress blog, Ecosphere, Emmanuel shares his toughts (but also facts, interviews,…) about the web, be it 1 or 2 or 3.0. Nicely written and regularly updated. Be sure to check his "what was told about the web back in 1996" category.


Dog Blog – Dog Product Reviews

Dog Blog – Dog Product Reviews

Blogging for business is now common place. The company behind this blog has products, toys and tips. All for the dog lovers.

Game Snitch Podcast

It's finally great to find a podcast that doesn't bore me half to death. And they'd probably want you to think that. Say hello to the Game Snitch Podcast. There's not much more to say…they know what they're talking about, they speak in an intelligible voice and did I mention that they had a podcast?

Update:  Apparently the don't update anymore. 


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