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Strange Maps


Strange Maps is the sort of site that can quickly become a daily obsession. Its origins are a bit mysterious, having no about page, but if you go to its beginnings (in September) you’ll find this: ” I like maps. I like weird maps, the kind you won’t find in a regular atlas. Maps of countries that never existed – or never will exist. I’ve given up on categorizing the maps I’ve collected so far – irredentism, alternate history,… – and decided to just be a little less anal. So, just for fun, here are the weirdest maps I found on the internet.”

And that’s it, really: a truly interesting, quirky, surprising site by someone who, before blogging made it possible, might never have been able to reach people with these fascinating maps and the stories behind them. We’re very grateful to Mr. (or Ms.) Strange Maps for sharing these with us.

December Blog A Day is turning up lots of unexpected treats — many thanks to the readers who’ve been shooting fabulous tips to us. That’s how we came across Strange Maps, by the way. Someone pointed it out, and that was all we needed to bring it to your attention.


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