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Sugar and Spice

Arjuna's Onion ChutneySugar and Spice is an Indian cooking blog. Everything in it looks … well, nice.

What makes this a Best Blog?

  • frequent updates
  • inspiring photos
  • clear writing
  • passion for its subject

It’s a lucky day when Saturday Morning Blogroll (ok, ok, I know it’s Sunday) comes across a blog like this.


Here’s a blog with a nice list of links related to the ecosystem and saving the earth.

Fergis Writes Letters

Fergis Writes Letters

Fergis does indeed write letters. His blog is full of them. Problem is, nobody ever answers them. Maybe that’s because they’re often addressed to those who don’t habitually answer letters: the Canadian twenty dollar bill, Count Chocula, his recycling bin.

What makes Fergis a Best Blog? Perseverance. No one’s answered his letters but he’s kept blogging away. Wit. A vision that’s all his own (who else would think to wrap a rant into a letter)?

(You might be asking yourself, how did Saturday Morning Blogroll find Fergis? We’ll tell you one thing: it wasn’t because he wrote us a letter. But maybe someday he will. We might even answer.)

Best Blogs Revisited

Oh boy here it goes. I thought I would take some time to look back and reflect on some of the blogs that I personally have reviewed on Best Blogs. Are they still updating? Does their content still hold up to Best Blog standards? Well let’s take a look shall we.

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Tim The Foolman

A Fool and His Words Are Soon Parted

Tim, the author of A Fool and His Words Are Soon Parted, isn’t foolish. Like most court jesters, he just tells it like he sees it. Turns out, he has wise and interesting things to say about technology, parenting, books, and, my favorite, career limiting moments (CLMs).

(Saturday morning blogroll found Tim while scrolling through tags for “vacation.” Turns out, there’s a lot more to Tim than just that.)

Jana’s Journal and Sketchbook


Jana’s Journal and Sketchbook

Jana draws and watercolors beautifully. Her sketchbook and journal blog is full of wonderful pictures — like these watchful cats. And there’s something new almost every day, from her magical Moleskine notebook.
Jana lives near San Francisco. A lot of her work features what she finds in her daily life there. She’s a fine writer, too.

We really like the look of Jana’s Journal and Sketchbook!

Luke’s Life

I was looking over this guys blog and was thinking to myself:”Hey this guy kind of looks normal. Let’s feature him on the blog.” Plus, this guy’s into computer science”. And then I thought to myself, “That’s really cool.”

Luke’s Life is a blog about…well Luke’s life and sometimes it’s about computer science but most of the time it’s about other cool things. Nice sunglasses!


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