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Pigeon Blog

Pigeon Blog

A blog about pigeon by a pigeon for the pigeons.

Personal MBA en español

Personal MBA en español

Porqué pagar 150.000$ por una educación que puedes conseguir por 50$ de multa en retrasos de la biblioteca pública ?

What does that mean? A Spanish project based on the idea of Personal MBA.



A blog about porn and how it is all around us

Not Tammy. But porn in the halls of academia. How interesting, blogging porn for class. And this one too. And so is this.


(aside: Interesting that college is using blog for class. This is certainly a trend. And choosing too!)



Need a blog make sense? Only to the owner. Don’t take it too seriously because joy surprises the patient soul.

Traditionalist – Islam, Law, & Spirituality

Traditionalist – Islam, Law, & Spirituality

Answers and religious guidance on Islam, Islamic practice, and spirituality

Islam got alot of attention lately. Danish cartoon or Traditional Islam, read a muslim’s view.

Always Learning!

Always Learning!

The world through the prism of my mind

Learning 한국어, ગુજરાતી, Русский or العربية ? This blog may help.

From the Desert to the Sea

From the Desert to the Sea… by John Stodder

Observations from an interlude in exile.

Art, politics, science, history, business, music, mindshare, news, sports, technology, blog, writing. The blogroll itself is enough reason to visit. Things that make John enthusiastic, curious, angry and amused.


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