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Elle Effect

I have been sitting on reporting this best blog for a little while now (work, school, and such has kept me distracted) but now it is time to let it out of the box.

About a week and a half ago I was browsing around the tag surfer when I (happily) stumbled across Elle Effect. Lauren, the author, is an eighteen year old artist who not only gives us a glimpse into her artistic works but also into the thoughts and situations of her daily life.

What I quickly discoved is that this young girl possesses a mind able to delve into the deeper end of life through both the visual arts as well as the written word.

All this is why I consider Elle Effect a best blog.

Commenting on Comments

Lorelle on WordPress, one of our favorite Best Blog alums, has a great post up about how to write a good comment. 

Lorelle says a comment is like a resume. if you write good comments, people will want to check your blog out.  So, if you want to make people sit up and pay attention then you have to learn to be a good commenter.   

Kudos to Lorelle for showing people the way to Best Blogging. 

Monsieur Tode writes

So this is an interesting idea. Monsieur Tode is a student at the University of Hawaii and is using his blog to publish his research work in progress and, one presumes, to seek feedback on his work.

This feedback is vital in academia, but using a blog as a mechanism for the feedback is new to me. I wonder if academic blogs in Universities could catch on?

– J

New Writer On Board

Hello my name is Michael and I will be joining the Best Blog On WordPress team starting today.

What do you do? Well to tell you the truth I actually still a student and live in Hawaii. And that's all I'm willing to reveal on the internet. I also run a subject oriented blog called Helpdesk Magazine. It's a lot of fun.

What do you think of this particular blog? I think this is one of the best things to happen to aside from the new features. I know the guys who run really appreciate this blog and I hope that everyone else on this site does too.

How do you determine what's a good blog? : I'm glad that I asked myself this question. When I look at a blog, not only do I look for a nice site layout, but I also look for a clear purpose. For instance, if you talk about how random your day was for 40 posts, I probably won't care. But…if you write about how you plan to take over the world, now that's cool.

Did you draw that U.F.O.? Yes, I'm afraid I did. If we were to talk about personal branding this drawing would be my official logo.

-Peace out. Michael

2012 Olympic Competitor

2012 Olympic Competitor

Go to the games, raise £1m

Very interesting idea here. Looking forward to see you in 2012.

(aside: This is the 2nd blog today I noticed, and featured, using a frame-based domain-forwarding.)


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