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Like the Ocean

Being in the midst of my finals time here on campus I must admit that I sometimes get a bit tired of reading. So, in a effort to sooth my weary mind and get a review up at the same time, I thought I might click on a tag search for “flickr” and see what pops up.

What I found was Like the Ocean, a blog written by Sathya. Sathya is a native of India who works with IBM in India (though currently on assignment in Portland). Outside of the working world, though, Sathya displays not only a passion but a great talent for photography which is displayed regularly on Like the Ocean.

Like the Ocean is not, however, simply a photo blog. No, here Sathya manages to toss in a good deal of writing on technology and photo technique from a perspective of expertise to keep things interesting. Think of Like the Ocean as something like one part photo blog, and one part technology blog with a dash of personality mixed in for flavor.

So for those of you at all interested in photography or technology this might be the find you were hoping for.

oneduasan (yes you are updating!)

There's something about the oneduasan blog that impresses me. The blog itself is a collection of how too guides created by the poster.

Sample Topics:

  • How to use your car's remote.
  • How to cook maggi mee.
  • How to shut up your personal computer.

Oh and props for writing a guide on how to turn on an Emac.

Earth Friendly Gardening

Earth Friendly Gardening

Sustainable Gardening for a Healthy Planet

Quality or size? Overcome your laziness and ignorance, find out what is sustainable gardening


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