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Blog de Luis M.

Hola! Spanish-language blogs are on our mind today at BestBlog. We found many great ones. Today’s highlight is Blog de Luis M. The post on map sites is — alone — worth taking a closer look. But there’s a lot more. Have fun checking it out.

The Reflective Teacher

It’s back to school time! Today’s Best Blog looks at school from a teacher’s perspective. And who better to talk about what it’s like to face a classroom of eager (and not so eager) faces than The Reflective Teacher?

Why is this a Best Blog?

  • The usual reasons: well written, frequently updated, a real voice.
  • And a new reason (although one we’ve noticed before): a useful blogroll. Many things on that blogroll will make you want to take a further look, especially if you’re interested in education.

(By the way: We’d like to feature a student’s blog next — if you have a nomination, feel free to leave a comment — and don’t forget to say why it’s a Best Blog.)

Knit Blogs

Knitters are a literate bunch. Two knit blogs we like: Knit-Write and A Bird’s Nest. They’re funny, and written with flair, two attributes that make a blog a Best Blog. Both are pretty new to WordPress, but we’re betting on a long run.

If you don’t know much about the huge phenomenon that is knitting and knit blogs, you’re not alone. Secret Mojo Dumbs it Down for You has a few things to say about it, from the perspective of a guy who doesn’t knit. Not yet anyway.

(Saturday Morning Blogroll found these two as she finds many things: through the “knitting” tag and from browsing around people’s blogrolls.)

Walk-in For Jobs

Walk-in For Jobs
If you’ve got tech skills and want a job in India, Walk-in for Jobs is for you. This blog gives you information about walk-ins happening in India. It’s thorough and a good resource.

If we could suggest any improvements, it would be that the “about” tab tell us more about the author and how he or she goes about compiling the list. Other than that, Happy Job Hunting!

Sugar and Spice

Arjuna's Onion ChutneySugar and Spice is an Indian cooking blog. Everything in it looks … well, nice.

What makes this a Best Blog?

  • frequent updates
  • inspiring photos
  • clear writing
  • passion for its subject

It’s a lucky day when Saturday Morning Blogroll (ok, ok, I know it’s Sunday) comes across a blog like this.

Luke’s Life

I was looking over this guys blog and was thinking to myself:”Hey this guy kind of looks normal. Let’s feature him on the blog.” Plus, this guy’s into computer science”. And then I thought to myself, “That’s really cool.”

Luke’s Life is a blog about…well Luke’s life and sometimes it’s about computer science but most of the time it’s about other cool things. Nice sunglasses!


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