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Travelling Through The Wire

Travelling Through The Wire

given the gift it takes you higher

Info junkies, your eyes will immediately brighten as the machine reveals to you its universe of astronomy, philosophy, society and more.

Not to be missed too is the selection of quotations, views cutting across time and space.

Monsieur Tode writes

So this is an interesting idea. Monsieur Tode is a student at the University of Hawaii and is using his blog to publish his research work in progress and, one presumes, to seek feedback on his work.

This feedback is vital in academia, but using a blog as a mechanism for the feedback is new to me. I wonder if academic blogs in Universities could catch on?

– J

The Best of Possible Worlds

The Best of Possible Worlds

Computers, Technology and Existential Meaning

Ever wonder how a learned-blogger differs from mere wannabe? Ability to link theorem to  movie scene and know words like Phenomenology and Neurobiology.

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

My thoughts about life, coding, science, technology and other stuff

Grab a regular dose of science and technology news. Perhaps understand about something  dark matter and light energy.


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