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Email Overloaded

Email Overloaded — a simple title for a blog that offers straightforward solutions to a problem that keeps a lot of people from being productive. And no, we’re not talking about those of you with the solitaire and minesweeper addictions.  We’re talking about the people with the sixty zillion unread emails.

Email Overloaded is written by a guy who’s been an IT manager for 15 years — long enough to have some great ideas about how to be more productive by managing your massive amounts of incoming mail. He’s also got other productivity tips, and that makes him a blogger well worth checking out.

SippinWhiskey’s Distillery

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usSippinWhiskey’s Distillery exists to bring you the best (and worst) of online corporate advertising. Written by a former marketing professor, the Distillery is well written, regularly updated, funny and fun. It’s also really informative, especially if you’re interested in how to put the multimedia toolbox to work for YOUR company.

And let it never be said that Best Blog does not pay attention to its readers. We found this blog at the suggestion of Market Monkey, who recently pointed out that we don’t feature enough business and investment blogs for his liking. Now, we know marketing and investment are not at all the same thing, but both are aspects of business, and we hope that counts. Plus, we have another blog lined up for later in the week — one that talks about organizational theory and is actually fun to read.

And if that’s not enough — pretty soon we hope to feature a Best Blog on the topic of religion.

Dog Blog – Dog Product Reviews

Dog Blog – Dog Product Reviews

Blogging for business is now common place. The company behind this blog has products, toys and tips. All for the dog lovers.


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