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Bonnie’s Travels

bonnie travel

This blog is a travel log for Bonnie. She's really into her traveling! Here's an excerpt:

My eyes will never be the same again after viewing all those art galleries (notably the Uffizzi with the 2.5 hour wait) and museums (notably the Capitoline in Rome with its amazing ancient exhibits and paintings).

I really like it. Keep up the good work Bonnie.

Where’s Tai? (not inside)

Now here's a blogger who spends the majority of his time outside of the house. And it shows, Tai has a nice tan and….ahem. His photography skills are actually pretty good too.

But where has Tai been?

  • Hawai
  • The Windward side of Hawaii
  • Los Angeles
  • Lima and Huacachina
  • Anywhere but at home on his computer


It's so much fun to find great blogs like this. Have fun with the rest of your life Tai!

Route 66 News

Route 66 News

A clearinghouse of news and events pertaining to historic Route 66, the Mother Road.

Every bits of information and interesting things people are doing on Route 66. Losing weight, raising awareness of chronic pain, creating bottle sculptures and protesting, all on one long road.

Erin Julian

Erin Julian

Everything and anything about the Travel Industry…

Where is the travel industry heading? Why is flying shorter more expensive? Do TV and movies influence travel? Get insights from an insider.

Hunde in Laos

Hunde in Laos

Reiseblog von Donalbain und Polyesther (mit Anstandswauwau Astrid)

Travel photo blog. 2months of travelling, photo-taking and blogging through Laos and Thailand. Oh, try some friedglasshoppers while you are at it.


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