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Brain Ethics + Unique Hits

We’ve been getting a lot of submissions lately. (It’s strange. I mean Best Blogs isn’t even a blog network.) Keep it up! This submission comes from the blog Brain Ethics. It’s a blog about exploring the brain and they’ve been doing it since December 2005. Not bad. And I hear that they’re getting some unique hits too!

BTW I have a cool side lesson I’ve been wanting to teach for a while. It’s about unique hits and I feel it’s appropriate to talk about them since Brain Ethics the blog is getting them. Okay so a unique hit is when a person visits your site directly and isn’t referred from Google or perhaps another blog. It means that you have loyal readers.

If you have a non blog, be sure that you’re hits aren’t coming from your own IP address. Analysing your statistics isn’t always easy as it sounds. If you’re into that kind of stuff I recommend talking to some marketing guys, it’s their life.


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