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60 Seconds of…


Now here’s a cool site that I ran into while clicking through the next button. He’s a C++/Java developer from England for an investment bank and he loves to take photographs. There’s something simple and yet beautiful about his site. You’ll see what I mean. If I could sum it up in one sentance, I would say that I like his site because he appears so human.

His name is Irwan Widarto.

Still Learning Dad

Still Learning Dad is the personal blog of Shane Arthur, a college ministry worker at ODU. Just a quick overview of the site will give you the impression that this author is a bookworm with a full and active outside life.

Still Learning Dad is striking in its balanced approach to the author’s life. While this blog is not at all lacking in spiritual and personal insight the author also takes the time to write on those small events that make life full. With a conversational and personable tone Shane manages to blend the insightful with the daily in a way that breaks down the divide between the two.

Be Careful of Arrogance

Hi everyone! For the writers who emailed me a while back I have not forgotten about you. Ken’s working on getting through the proxy server and the accounts will eventually be updated when he logs in from China.

Tonight I wanted to talk a little bit about arrogance in blogging. What you need to know about arrogance is that it is unhealthy and that it does more harm than good at the end of an argument, no matter who’s right. Instead of going through the scientific and psychological process of arrogance, I will tell you two stories. One is from someone I know and one comes directly from the blogosphere.

When I was younger I had an old acquaintance once, a very smart man.  We would get into philosophical debates over dorky things like computers, operating systems and life…our dorky lives. He was a very strong mined individual, who in most cases, would turn out to be right about most of his claims. Macintosh being better than Windows, right vs. wrong and hand-coding vs dreamweaver.

He lived alone. He had a few friends among his colleagues but I doubt that he knew any of them very well. To this day I sit back in my chair and wonder if he was truly happy. Because the issue in this case isn’t necessarily whether one is right or wrong but rather if one is living life in a healthy manner. Arrogant people don’t necessarily need to enjoy arguments but they do try to fill the void in their lives by feeding off of them.

The second story comes from a post I saw a couple of weeks back while reading through 9rules. Paul Stamatious, a blogger who is part of the Network, wrote a post in which he refers to this other well known blogger named Robert Scoble.

  • Stamatious is a blogger (with quite a following) who, for the past year and a half has been blogging about technology from his college apartment.
  • Scoble is a former Microsoft employee who is also a blogger.

In Stamatious’ post, he calls out Scoble for making factual errors and “erroneously [accusing] *blank* of spamming and got Google to temporarily cancel his AdSense account the same day. Only after looking like a fool did Scoble find out that he was blaming the wrong person…”.

Scoble responded to the criticism shortly thereafter: “I’m glad none of you have ever made a mistake. Sorry I made one.”

Wow okay, that’s all for tonight. I’m sorry that the team hasn’t posted anything in a while but I hope that these posts are useful to those of you who are new to blogging! Once we get the new guys on board we should be back to our usual schedule. Good night and make smart choices.


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