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Lorelle on WordPress

If my memory is serves me right, Lorelle on WordPress was one of the top blogs on when the site first launched back in September. But then it dropped off the front page.

Anyway, Lorelle on WordPress talks about wordpress and blogging in general. Let the work speak for itself and check it out.

moeschmoe and the expanding family

This is a charming blog following a very down-to-earth family through the daily chores. Sounds great right? Well, trust me it is. I'm not a fan of blogs that are essentially like a teenagers diary ("we did this, I kissed him, we went shopping"), but this blog also follows the story of a pregnancy.

A few days ago we learnt that the baby is (probably) a girl. It's rather exciting!




Movies, movie stars all from another era. Do you know?

Nepal News

Nepal News

News from the top of the world. Mostly bad news, an occassional guide. This may well be one of the reasons why is blocked by the Great Fire Wall.

Life is but a dream

Life is but a dream.

Expanding on the language diversity on, here’s Korean.

e-recrutement et marché du travail

Yannick Fondeur is a French economist at the Institut de Recherches Economiques et Sociales.

On e-recrutement et marché du travail, his wordpress blog, Yannick talks about the use of internet and new technologies in the recruiting process, and their impact on the job market.

Although written in French, this highly subject-oriented blog might interest non-French readers: his last post focuses on the America’s Job Bank to be closed the June 30, 2007.

April 9: We welcome Sur l’emploi et le marché du travail, Yannick’s second blog which migrates on WordPress. It’s written by Yannick and his workmate Carole Tuchzirer, and, well, it’s also focused on work and the job market as its title says.

Monsieur Tode writes

So this is an interesting idea. Monsieur Tode is a student at the University of Hawaii and is using his blog to publish his research work in progress and, one presumes, to seek feedback on his work.

This feedback is vital in academia, but using a blog as a mechanism for the feedback is new to me. I wonder if academic blogs in Universities could catch on?

– J


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