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Best Blog of the Month (April)

There isn't any. (Although a number of us had voted for oneduasan.)

We missed the selection for March and it is almost half way through May now. We selected blog for Janurary and Feburary, but I'm thinking should we even continue?

11 blogs were featured in April. Our statistics look depressing:

  • January 41 posts
  • Feburary 28 posts
  • March 22 posts
  • April 13 posts
  • May 3 posts (so far)

The only consolation appears to be the fact that we managed to prove:

More editors, less posts.

Consider this.

  • January: 1 editor
  • Feburary: 3 editors
  • March: 6 editors
  • April: 8 editors
  • May: 8 editors

This post was originally meant for the editor mailing list. On second thought I like to hear from the readers too.

  1. Do you think this blog has outlived its usefulness? (Was it even useful at all?)
  2. Do you see this blog as another personal blog or a community project?
  3. What ideas do you have for this blog going forward?

Best Blog of the Month (February)

I’m starting to get email that mistaken this blog to be an official directory. 

To set record straight, this blog is not related in anyway to except for a homepage link.

So the independently selected best blog for February is

I am Chinese. Correct my English.

(blog entry) (the blog itself)


  • innovative use of blogging to learn a language
  • attracting visitor attention consistently (based on Top post statistics)
  • amusing your Chinese reader (me)

Best Blog of the Month (January)

To add to the self-importance and the new found legitimacy of this blog, I present to you

Best Blog of the Month

Selected by my very own patented, undisclosed and undisputable methodology, the best blog for January is

Toni on WordPress

(this blog entry) (the blog itself)


  • becoming the 5th fastest glowing blog with just 5 short posts
  • breaking my own blog selection rules
  • being the blog of Automattic CEO

(pssss… There might be a blog of the week too, depending on the demand. )


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