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We promised, over a week ago, to bring you a student blog (a blog that’s written by someone who identifies him or herself as a student and, at least part of the time writes about school life). Here’s what we came up with, thanks to tag surfing under the “school” tag:

Bizzoony, a student blog, is a Best Blog In Training. (It’s brand-new, the front page is not yet complete, and there’s no “about section” — that’s why it’s a Best Blog In Training.) We think it’s going to turn into something quite good. Why? Because it’s funny and fresh and the writer is not interested in telling us: (a) how much he has been partying; (b) about his latest love disaster or (c) about how much he needs to go on a diet. And if he did tell us about any of those three things, he’d be funny about it and maybe also insightful.

The writer appears to be in the tenth grade. He could work on his spelling, and on his blog’s appearance a little. But these things are minor compared to the fine head he has on his shoulders, and the unique voice he displays in the few posts you’ll see when you go over to his site.

We’re placing our bets on Bizzoony, and we’ll check back in and see how he’s doing after a few months. Our guess is that he’ll keep posting, continue to be very funny, and he’ll add some “about” information and a picture. Good luck to him.

And thanks too, dear readers, for recommending these fine student blogs: A Teenager’s Perspective and Wandering Pedestrians.)

The Reflective Teacher

It’s back to school time! Today’s Best Blog looks at school from a teacher’s perspective. And who better to talk about what it’s like to face a classroom of eager (and not so eager) faces than The Reflective Teacher?

Why is this a Best Blog?

  • The usual reasons: well written, frequently updated, a real voice.
  • And a new reason (although one we’ve noticed before): a useful blogroll. Many things on that blogroll will make you want to take a further look, especially if you’re interested in education.

(By the way: We’d like to feature a student’s blog next — if you have a nomination, feel free to leave a comment — and don’t forget to say why it’s a Best Blog.)


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