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Zero Two Hero came up this morning when we were tag surfing. (Tag surfing, in case you’re wondering is one of the new features on your dashboard.) The first thing we saw on this site was a link to a ton of downloadable classic comics. Very cool.

There’s a lot to Zero Two Hero. Technology, music — and he reads a lot. Zero Two Hero is one very busy guy! We like the looks of this one.

(Why is it a Best Blog? It’s consistently updated. He’s committed: he’s been blogging since December 2005. And he has a voice — that ineffable thing that just means he sounds like a real, unique person. Not somebody else, not a clone of somebody else, just himself.)

Laughin’ Vacuum

Laughin’ Vacuum

One. All. Nice.

Fun Things in the Neighborhood

Fun Things in the Neighborhood

Don’t try to laugh underwater, you might drown.

Beside introducting some obscure comic strips, he is also drawing his own.


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