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I Eat Games

veryhappy.jpgI Eat Games is a game review site — not just any games, but downloadable or cheap games. The kind of games you don’t have to shell out the big bucks for. The kind of games that are still fun to play. That smiley face over there to the left? That’s the highest rating you can get from I Eat Games.

And so, inspired by the I Eat Games rating system, we’re going to borrow it for today’s post and give this site an “extremely happy” face rating. Why?

  • The about page is well written and interesting. It’s easy to figure out who writes the blog because she tells you: she’s a college girl at the University of Evansville. Other pages tell you what she’s going to do on the blog and how to get in touch with her. Why don’t more bloggers do this kind of thing?
  • Her site has a light touch. It’s easy to read, and it leaves you wanting to read more.
  • Interesting links. I don’t know about you, but links to good, free downloadable games make me happy.
  • It’s a growing site — just few days ago she announced that she’s going to start reviewing board games every once in a while. It was fun seeing a little bit of expansion in focus.

Another wonderful December Blog!


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