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Angel Milk

So if she's currently 29 and her daughter is 15 then…well you do the math. Gah! Join Linda as she gives her truthful / blunt views on raising a child. I think it's worth a read. She really tries to be honest and she's been blogging since 2003. Good luck Linda.

Birthmother; Reprise

Now today we have a very unique situation. This mother is a "birthmother of two boys in a very open adoption". She [the birthmother] actually provides child care for the foster parents. Oh and she blogs about it. Good luck in your adventures.

Where’s Tai? (not inside)

Now here's a blogger who spends the majority of his time outside of the house. And it shows, Tai has a nice tan and….ahem. His photography skills are actually pretty good too.

But where has Tai been?

  • Hawai
  • The Windward side of Hawaii
  • Los Angeles
  • Lima and Huacachina
  • Anywhere but at home on his computer


It's so much fun to find great blogs like this. Have fun with the rest of your life Tai!

Dr. Haisook’s Brain Grooves

What can I say? He comes from Egypt and he likes Palm OS 5. You might think that these and many other qualities would get him into best blogs. But that's not the case. Here's the blog.  His voice is genuine and he works hard on his blog.  That is what matters.  (wow my writing style is getting lazy)  How's that blog title: Dr. Haisook's Brain Grooves?  Awesome.

Life’s Expressions

 Laurie is a life coach and has her own blog.  She has an unique writing style and she seems to know what she's talking about.  She even has her own website!  Thanks Ken for pointing this one out about a week ago.

Travelling Through The Wire

Travelling Through The Wire

given the gift it takes you higher

Info junkies, your eyes will immediately brighten as the machine reveals to you its universe of astronomy, philosophy, society and more.

Not to be missed too is the selection of quotations, views cutting across time and space.

Best Blog of the Month (April)

There isn't any. (Although a number of us had voted for oneduasan.)

We missed the selection for March and it is almost half way through May now. We selected blog for Janurary and Feburary, but I'm thinking should we even continue?

11 blogs were featured in April. Our statistics look depressing:

  • January 41 posts
  • Feburary 28 posts
  • March 22 posts
  • April 13 posts
  • May 3 posts (so far)

The only consolation appears to be the fact that we managed to prove:

More editors, less posts.

Consider this.

  • January: 1 editor
  • Feburary: 3 editors
  • March: 6 editors
  • April: 8 editors
  • May: 8 editors

This post was originally meant for the editor mailing list. On second thought I like to hear from the readers too.

  1. Do you think this blog has outlived its usefulness? (Was it even useful at all?)
  2. Do you see this blog as another personal blog or a community project?
  3. What ideas do you have for this blog going forward?

The Cooking Monster!

The Cooking Monster!

A N00b Cook’s blog!

N00b Cook, full-time mom, Jennifer has tips and recipes complete with video.


ASD Fotografia

Is Fotografia a German word?  Or maybe it's Russian?  I can't tell what this guy is saying but his pictures are good.  Pictures like the Paparazzi are pretty good and clever.  Are there any photographers in the house?

Metropolitan Philadelphia Real Estate

I'm almost certain that this person knows what he's/she's talking about.  I don't know, there isn't much information on the site about the author.  Philadelphia Real Estate has a lot of information on buying real estate.  And plus the author of this blog has been at it since 2003!  I think it's worth a look.


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