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Salt and Pepper


Salt and Pepper is part of a thriving community of WordPress food bloggers, many from India. Giniann, who writes this blog, offers clear descriptions of delicious meals. She’s been blogging for a long time and her site has a wealth of recipes. She’s also a really fine photographer and often blogs about herbs and flowers. It’s a beautifully done site for today’s December Blog-A-Day.

Like the Ocean

Being in the midst of my finals time here on campus I must admit that I sometimes get a bit tired of reading. So, in a effort to sooth my weary mind and get a review up at the same time, I thought I might click on a tag search for “flickr” and see what pops up.

What I found was Like the Ocean, a blog written by Sathya. Sathya is a native of India who works with IBM in India (though currently on assignment in Portland). Outside of the working world, though, Sathya displays not only a passion but a great talent for photography which is displayed regularly on Like the Ocean.

Like the Ocean is not, however, simply a photo blog. No, here Sathya manages to toss in a good deal of writing on technology and photo technique from a perspective of expertise to keep things interesting. Think of Like the Ocean as something like one part photo blog, and one part technology blog with a dash of personality mixed in for flavor.

So for those of you at all interested in photography or technology this might be the find you were hoping for.

Walk-in For Jobs

Walk-in For Jobs
If you’ve got tech skills and want a job in India, Walk-in for Jobs is for you. This blog gives you information about walk-ins happening in India. It’s thorough and a good resource.

If we could suggest any improvements, it would be that the “about” tab tell us more about the author and how he or she goes about compiling the list. Other than that, Happy Job Hunting!

Sugar and Spice

Arjuna's Onion ChutneySugar and Spice is an Indian cooking blog. Everything in it looks … well, nice.

What makes this a Best Blog?

  • frequent updates
  • inspiring photos
  • clear writing
  • passion for its subject

It’s a lucky day when Saturday Morning Blogroll (ok, ok, I know it’s Sunday) comes across a blog like this.


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