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blahblahblah (that’s three blahs)


I was looking through the blogs this evening and found this cool blog. It’s abour raising children, being married, taking a bio class and finding your super power.

If you read through her posts you’ll find that she’s really quite hilarious. But not only is it hilarious but it also makes sense. It’s my kind of humor. Check it out.

Autonomous Mutations

Look, robots! Autonomous Mutations is a blog about robots. His blog features a wide variety of robots:  some play music, while some do art: well, I a lot of the robots do art, but it's still fascinating. This person is really into robots.

I see:

  • A robot battling other robots.
  • A robot making art.
  • A robot giving a massage.
  • A robot breathing fire.

Beatles Blog on Saturday Morning Blogroll

(Half hour glass, tea cup, computer: All the tools needed for Saturday Morning Blogroll to function.)

This morning, not even ten minutes after I'd turned my half-hour glass over and started clicking on "next blog," I found Beatles Blog.

What's not to like? The blog contains a variety of posts on all things Beatle, the band that's part of our musical DNA. You'll find recently discovered Beatle memorabilia, stuff about the Paul McCartney-Heather Mills split, news of the children, and a lot more. He's been posting for a few months, the site looks professional and well-organized with lots of good links. And you get the feeling there's a lot more to come.

Bonnie’s Travels

bonnie travel

This blog is a travel log for Bonnie. She's really into her traveling! Here's an excerpt:

My eyes will never be the same again after viewing all those art galleries (notably the Uffizzi with the 2.5 hour wait) and museums (notably the Capitoline in Rome with its amazing ancient exhibits and paintings).

I really like it. Keep up the good work Bonnie.

Happy Father’s Day From Saturday Morning Blogroll

It’s unusual to find a blog that’s a tribute to a parent. Rarer still, a tribute to a parent who was a very good poet. Here’s that exceedingly rare blog: Words of My Father. Words of My Father is very simple: every few days, the son posts one of his father’s poems, poems he discovered after his father died.

I wish the son would say more about the father, who seems to have been the kind of man who wore a suit and was a business traveler like lots of other men — the kind of man who probably didn’t say very much about what he noticed and felt. Except it turns out he wrote poems.

They’re good poems. I especially like the one about the statute of Christopher Columbus. And Raisins. Some of them are funny, and some of them are a little sad. As the father says, “knowledge/is/sadness.”

If you have a chance today, stop by and tell Jonathan (the author of this blog) he’s a fine man and a good son, and then enjoy his father’s poems.

And Happy Father’s Day (yes, I know, it’s a day early!) to all you fathers out there. 

Writing Strategies For Your Blog – Part One


What kind of writer are you? Do you write in long form or do you tend to make your posts short and sweet? And then of course, what are you going to write about? We can't tell you that [what to write] but what I'm hoping to do with this series is educate bloggers on a couple of good writing strategies they can use to improve their blogs.

In journalism there's this thing called a lead that writers use to hook people into the story or in our case the post. The lead or hook will usually give the reader facts right off the bat. Don't lose your readers.

Long doesn't always mean good and short doesn't always mean interesting. When you write for an average audience, you're going to want to be as concise as possible. Have enough information to make the piece worthwhile but at the same time don't make the piece so long that your readers fall asleep at the table.

So there you have it. We'll do a couple more of these in the future. And don't you dare use these words like "concise" or "lead / hook" out of context or in a way that defeats the purpose of the word. Part two of our series will cover writing cliches and originality. I'm looking forward to it.

-Peace out!

A Golden World

Check out A Golden World. He’s funny, a fine writer, speaks his mind, and is knowledgeable about his topics (sport, film, politics, music).

Robo: Saturday Morning Blogroll Goes To Iran

Inspired by recent BestBlog commentator, Inadvertent Gardener, I went looking in the tags for gardening blogs. I found some nice sites. And then I found something extraordinary: Robo.

Robo is not a gardening site, although the author does work in a greenhouse. It is also written from right to left. Don’t let that put you off. When I look at blogs in languages other than my own, I look at the pictures. It’s kind of a relief to let go of words. Have a look at caricature and pictures on Robo. I like his greenhouse pictures, and the women marching, and the flowers. But what sold me on this site are Robo’s flickr (فلیکر) photos. (I’ve linked directly to flickr; you can get there from the widgets bar also.) They’re interesting, lovely. Even if you don’t know what he’s saying, the blog is typographically beautiful. Robo seems to also have an interest in posting some in English — so that’s something to look forward to.

One final thought: Even when we do not share a common language, we can still speak to each other, with enough good will and enough good pictures.

And a question (or two): Do you ever look at blogs in other languages? What common language do you discover you share?

Awareness and Consciousness


The Awareness and Consciousness blog, by Kavit, is a website devoted to talking about being aware and conscious. Yeah I know, pretty straight forward, but he's also a life coach and does an interview with an actual person. Cool!

Charteuse (beta) Hardley Associated With Ten Foot Square

Speaking of blog networks, this blog actually talks about them. And at that Charteuse was recently added to linked by the Ten Foot Square blogging network. which is also happens to be associated with the Blogmedia network.


Charteuse is a blog that covers the latest in blogging and blog networks with a little bit of side commentary. Is it rude? Heck yes! Is it offensive? You bet. Should you read it? Probably. Check it out.

BTW we've been getting our fair share of comment spam…every day. Keep up the good work Akismet.

Update: Whoa so apparently I've made huge error. So Charteuse is not a part of the Ten Foot Square blogging network. If you dig down into Dave's blog you'll find the list of bloggers who have been accepted into the network. I gotta say that this is facinating stuff. I'm sorry for the mix up guys and we'll be keeping an eye on you in the future.

Michael Out


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