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Stand in a Queue

Stand in a Queue is a single subject blog of such staggering originality, I had to almost physically remove myself from my seat in order to avoid spending the rest of the day today reading it. Its brilliant author explains the site far better than we at BestBlog ever could, so I let him speak for himself. In typically restrained British fashion, he begins with a quote from someone else:

“An Englishman, even if he is alone, forms an orderly queue of one.” (George Mikes)


The author of this wonderful blog goes on to say, “This may be true, but it’s friendlier with a few more people in it. If you find yourself standing in a queue and want to talk about it, you’ve found the right place. Let it all out.”Pictures of queues you’ve had to endure are welcome, no matter how poorly composed or focused they are.  This blog, however, is neither of those things.  It’s beautifully composed and sharply focused and it’s a gem.


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