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The Reflective Teacher

It’s back to school time! Today’s Best Blog looks at school from a teacher’s perspective. And who better to talk about what it’s like to face a classroom of eager (and not so eager) faces than The Reflective Teacher?

Why is this a Best Blog?

  • The usual reasons: well written, frequently updated, a real voice.
  • And a new reason (although one we’ve noticed before): a useful blogroll. Many things on that blogroll will make you want to take a further look, especially if you’re interested in education.

(By the way: We’d like to feature a student’s blog next — if you have a nomination, feel free to leave a comment — and don’t forget to say why it’s a Best Blog.)

oneduasan (yes you are updating!)

There's something about the oneduasan blog that impresses me. The blog itself is a collection of how too guides created by the poster.

Sample Topics:

  • How to use your car's remote.
  • How to cook maggi mee.
  • How to shut up your personal computer.

Oh and props for writing a guide on how to turn on an Emac.


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