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Things That You Gotta Note!

Where can I get a free email marketing app? What is a good place for sending animated notes? Where can I get a free GB of online storage? Where did I put that other sock?

Though it might not help you find your missing sock, for the other questions you need not look any further than Things That You Gotta Note.

Over at Things That You Gotta Note blogger Cris has put his experience as a web researcher to use and compiled and reviewed, for our benefit, the best of his web finds and useful applications. I know, personally, I was happy to find a free, screen recorder program on the site.

So head on over to Things That You Gotta Note. You just might find just what you were needing.

Like the Ocean

Being in the midst of my finals time here on campus I must admit that I sometimes get a bit tired of reading. So, in a effort to sooth my weary mind and get a review up at the same time, I thought I might click on a tag search for “flickr” and see what pops up.

What I found was Like the Ocean, a blog written by Sathya. Sathya is a native of India who works with IBM in India (though currently on assignment in Portland). Outside of the working world, though, Sathya displays not only a passion but a great talent for photography which is displayed regularly on Like the Ocean.

Like the Ocean is not, however, simply a photo blog. No, here Sathya manages to toss in a good deal of writing on technology and photo technique from a perspective of expertise to keep things interesting. Think of Like the Ocean as something like one part photo blog, and one part technology blog with a dash of personality mixed in for flavor.

So for those of you at all interested in photography or technology this might be the find you were hoping for.

Tim The Foolman

A Fool and His Words Are Soon Parted

Tim, the author of A Fool and His Words Are Soon Parted, isn’t foolish. Like most court jesters, he just tells it like he sees it. Turns out, he has wise and interesting things to say about technology, parenting, books, and, my favorite, career limiting moments (CLMs).

(Saturday morning blogroll found Tim while scrolling through tags for “vacation.” Turns out, there’s a lot more to Tim than just that.)

Saturday Morning Blogroll: By The Numbers

This Saturday Morning Blogroll is dedicated to all the list-makers and numbers gurus out there in WordPressLand:

  • 18: Total number of blogs looked at during my half hour of blog-hopping via the “next blog” key. Would have been more if I hadn’t been interrupted by a six year old who couldn’t find his shoes or his favorite weapon.
  • 5: Number of blogs that were in a language I don’t speak.
  • 5: Number of blogs that were last updated when people were still listening to cassette tapes and believed Ronald Reagan was the worst of all possible presidents.  (My, how things have changed.)
  • 2: Tech blogs that displayed not an ounce of humor or flair. (Note to tech bloggers: it’s okay to have a personality!)
  • 1: Password protected blogs
  • 3: Blogs that should have been password protected and were not. (Note to personal bloggers: If you’re going to go on about your broken heart, how about something other than your favorite song lyrics about broken hearts?)
  • 2: Truly outstanding blogs. The number might have been larger had people updated more often or if I’d been better educated and, for example, learned to speak Mandarin or even Spanish!

So, without further ado, here they are:

Only 2 Rs: For history buffs (in this case, the First World War) and writers, and anyone else who enjoys a well written, literate blog that’s frequently updated. Only 2 Rs is a writer, and a person who’s got great ideas about books. This is one I’ll return to often.

Angry IT Manager: Proof that you can talk about tech subjects in an enlightening and entertaining way.

Have a great weekend all!

Olorin Sledge

What a completely normal, down to earth guy. He has is happily married, he goes to a church and he writes a little code at a job that he works.

Professionally, there are a ton of things that I like about this guy's site:

  • His writing is good and his thoughts are clear.
  • The site design is a default template but his post page layout is extremely clean.
  • Appropriate post titles. In other words he's not trying to be painfully funny on purpose.
  • He is himself. (If that makes any sense.)

Now these are simple quality traits and you'd think that tons people would have them down by the age of twenty but that's not always the case. Thank you Olorin, it's nice to know that there are people like you out there.

Mike’s *NIX Notes

Mike's *NIX Notes

Why can't I remember this stuff?… We tried not to cover too many computer blogs but once in a while we run into a nice one.

So just for the Unix guys. Have you forgotten that cron format or want to rsync over ssh? How about a quick search and replace usine a perl one-liner?

Now Mike can you help me remember whether target or destination comes first for tar and ln.


Emmanuel Parody is a french journalist. He used to be the chief editor of, and is now in charge of the growth of the french websites of CNET Networks. 

On his WordPress blog, Ecosphere, Emmanuel shares his toughts (but also facts, interviews,…) about the web, be it 1 or 2 or 3.0. Nicely written and regularly updated. Be sure to check his "what was told about the web back in 1996" category.


Promising start-ups, exciting trends, successful entrepreneurs – a venture perspective

Tracking technology ventures in Germany and elsewhere by a real VC.

The Best of Possible Worlds

The Best of Possible Worlds

Computers, Technology and Existential Meaning

Ever wonder how a learned-blogger differs from mere wannabe? Ability to link theorem to  movie scene and know words like Phenomenology and Neurobiology.


Epsilon-Delta: Mathematics and Computer Programming

For every epsilon greater than zero, there exists a web site…

Are you a programmer? even if your are not, let the mathematican inside of you out. Math, it is said, will rock your world.


Best Blog on Wordpress searches for and reviews the best blogs on We also write articles to guide new and old bloggers!