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Things That You Gotta Note!

Where can I get a free email marketing app? What is a good place for sending animated notes? Where can I get a free GB of online storage? Where did I put that other sock?

Though it might not help you find your missing sock, for the other questions you need not look any further than Things That You Gotta Note.

Over at Things That You Gotta Note blogger Cris has put his experience as a web researcher to use and compiled and reviewed, for our benefit, the best of his web finds and useful applications. I know, personally, I was happy to find a free, screen recorder program on the site.

So head on over to Things That You Gotta Note. You just might find just what you were needing.

I Eat Games

veryhappy.jpgI Eat Games is a game review site — not just any games, but downloadable or cheap games. The kind of games you don’t have to shell out the big bucks for. The kind of games that are still fun to play. That smiley face over there to the left? That’s the highest rating you can get from I Eat Games.

And so, inspired by the I Eat Games rating system, we’re going to borrow it for today’s post and give this site an “extremely happy” face rating. Why?

  • The about page is well written and interesting. It’s easy to figure out who writes the blog because she tells you: she’s a college girl at the University of Evansville. Other pages tell you what she’s going to do on the blog and how to get in touch with her. Why don’t more bloggers do this kind of thing?
  • Her site has a light touch. It’s easy to read, and it leaves you wanting to read more.
  • Interesting links. I don’t know about you, but links to good, free downloadable games make me happy.
  • It’s a growing site — just few days ago she announced that she’s going to start reviewing board games every once in a while. It was fun seeing a little bit of expansion in focus.

Another wonderful December Blog!


Zero Two Hero came up this morning when we were tag surfing. (Tag surfing, in case you’re wondering is one of the new features on your dashboard.) The first thing we saw on this site was a link to a ton of downloadable classic comics. Very cool.

There’s a lot to Zero Two Hero. Technology, music — and he reads a lot. Zero Two Hero is one very busy guy! We like the looks of this one.

(Why is it a Best Blog? It’s consistently updated. He’s committed: he’s been blogging since December 2005. And he has a voice — that ineffable thing that just means he sounds like a real, unique person. Not somebody else, not a clone of somebody else, just himself.)




Mirkwood’s a lit blog with a bit of a twist. The author is smart and eloquent about books. But Mirkwood can also tell you a little something about how to use CSS and the new Sandbox theme to make your site look really spiffy. How about that?

In case you love to read and you’re wondering about lit blogs: WordPress is home to many great lit blogs. If this interests you, here are a few links, just on WordPress alone: Tales From the Reading Room, Charlotte’s Web, Make Tea Not War, Eoin Purcell’s Blog, Everything in Between, Distraction No. 99, Great War Fiction, QAZSE, Quirk, Ruth’s Reflections, So You Think I Can, Words of My Father.

This just scratches the surface — if you write a lit blog, or follow them, or have some opinion about them, use the comments section for what it’s for: tell us about lit blogs.

Tim The Foolman

A Fool and His Words Are Soon Parted

Tim, the author of A Fool and His Words Are Soon Parted, isn’t foolish. Like most court jesters, he just tells it like he sees it. Turns out, he has wise and interesting things to say about technology, parenting, books, and, my favorite, career limiting moments (CLMs).

(Saturday morning blogroll found Tim while scrolling through tags for “vacation.” Turns out, there’s a lot more to Tim than just that.)

A Golden World

Check out A Golden World. He’s funny, a fine writer, speaks his mind, and is knowledgeable about his topics (sport, film, politics, music).



For the mom who loves to shop.

Mommies, you will want to check out these best buys – sweat pants, shoes, bibs and strollers. Sharing the joy of motherhood.

Dog Blog – Dog Product Reviews

Dog Blog – Dog Product Reviews

Blogging for business is now common place. The company behind this blog has products, toys and tips. All for the dog lovers.

Deutsch lernen und studieren in Deutschland

Deutsch lernen und studieren in Deutschland

is a german word and means “Learning German and Studying in Germany” in english. As the title already tells, this blog provides an absolute guide to learning the german language. It has a huge collection of sources to help you progress quick. Listen to one of their recommended german radio or browse their collection of listening tips. But if you are thinking of studying in Germany then you must have a look at this page.

Unfortunately, there could be a small problem, the blog is written in German;-) So you might need some german knowledge or use a website translator like

Camden Lady

Camden Lady

Drop by and watch the trees changes in the year. Or browse the book reviews.


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