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 Here’s a nice looking blog from France: Deco-Art-Design.

(We’re getting a little too English language centered over here at BestBlog. Time to start looking at other languages.)

If you want to have us take a look at a blog in a language other than English, leave us a comment!


Emmanuel Parody is a french journalist. He used to be the chief editor of, and is now in charge of the growth of the french websites of CNET Networks. 

On his WordPress blog, Ecosphere, Emmanuel shares his toughts (but also facts, interviews,…) about the web, be it 1 or 2 or 3.0. Nicely written and regularly updated. Be sure to check his "what was told about the web back in 1996" category.


e-recrutement et marché du travail

Yannick Fondeur is a French economist at the Institut de Recherches Economiques et Sociales.

On e-recrutement et marché du travail, his wordpress blog, Yannick talks about the use of internet and new technologies in the recruiting process, and their impact on the job market.

Although written in French, this highly subject-oriented blog might interest non-French readers: his last post focuses on the America’s Job Bank to be closed the June 30, 2007.

April 9: We welcome Sur l’emploi et le marché du travail, Yannick’s second blog which migrates on WordPress. It’s written by Yannick and his workmate Carole Tuchzirer, and, well, it’s also focused on work and the job market as its title says.

Le blog d’une cybermaman

Le blog d’une cybermaman

A nice frenchman asked why I did not feature any French blog. Well, I haven’t come across any, until now.

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