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Edgecast: Make Your Own Media

Bingo. I clicked on the tag for “Christmas,” curious to see what people are saying about this holiday, hoping for something a little out of the ordinary and there I found Edgecast: Make Your Own Media. It’s run by Conn Ó Muíneacháin, Irish language podcaster, former broadcaster, and a guy whose Christmas post tells you how to find videos of Santa speaking in many of the world’s languages — even in sign language. Like all good sites, this is written by someone who’s clearly in love with his subject and a terrific writer to boot.

The only thing I want for Christmas from Edgecast? More pictures! (I know, that’s very shallow when you’ve got a site that’s so beautifully written, but I like to look at things too. And I like to have something to steal from a site to illustrate my BestBlog post. I briefly thought of looking for a photo or drawing of something or someone recognizably Irish wearing a Santa hat for today’s post, and then decided even I couldn’t descend that far in the face of a site so good. And — probably more plausible — I don’t have time for that sort of thing if I’m going to get a site up every day this month.)

And thanks to reader Rhea, author of the wonderful Boomer Chronicles, for her email yesterday nominating several blogs. If you’d like to nominate a wordpress blog (that’s any blog with wordpress in its url: you can email us this month at bestblogonwordpress (dot) yahoo (dot) com.

Hedonistic Pleasure Seeker

Here’s a fun blog. Hedonistic Pleasure Seeker brings you tales of the pleasures of a life well lived: food, art, botox, lingerie, kitty prints, beautiful men, and the occasional book review.

Hedonistic Pleasure Seeker’s got a great voice, one I’ve been listening to off and on for months. She’s funny and cheeky and likely to inspire you to go buy some good shoes for yourself or someone you dream of pleasing or to put on a kitten print dress and do something you’ve never thought you’d do before. What that is, I leave to you and to Hedonistic Pleasure Seeker to explore in more depth.

A wonderful find for our first December Blog A Day.

A Blog a Day Keeps the Winter Blues Away

WordPress is more than half a million blogs strong.  In the face of this extraordinary growth, fueled by some extraordinary bloggers, I thought I’d issue a challenge to all of you BestBlog readers and editors:  Let’s find and feature some great blogs this month.  And let’s try to get one up every day.  It’s December — in a lot of places it’s a bit dreary and the holidays can only do so much to rescue the drabness of this time of year.  (In fact, sometimes the holidays make things worse.)  Maybe seeing some new, fresh blogs will take our minds off whatever’s looking a little dark these days.

The other editors can pitch in or not, depending on their schedules, but I want to say that I’m feeling ready for something like this:  I’ve had a break, gotten through some tough things, and now seems like as good a time as any to tell the world about the many terrific people who blog on WordPress. 

Where will we find these blogs?

  • tags — we’ll be checking out interesting tags and bloggers who show up under them
  • the WordPress forums — the folks who hang out in the forums are doing some very good work on behalf of the WordPress community and their blogging’s pretty special too.  It’s time to feature some of them! 
  • links, links, links:  we’ll be looking back at BestBlog alums and checking out who they’re reading
  • blog directories:  WordPressers are out there in the world, showing up in places like BlogBurst, and BlogHer and 9Rules. 
  • comments:  we’ll be looking at your comments (just like Santa’s watching to see whether you’re naughty or nice):  if you’re leaving smart, interestingly naughty or nice comments, chances are you have a great blog
  • that “next” button still works!  we’ll be using it.
  • random google searches:  we’ll be typing in “wordpress” and a string of words that amuse us (how about dog walkers of the world unite?) and see what comes up. 
  • YOU — drop us an email (bestblogonwordpress (at) yahoo (dot) com) and direct us to your favorite passionately written, interesting, quirky, funny, maddeningly controversial, beautifully designed site.   We’ll take a look at the site.  We can’t promise to feature it, but we will promise to give it more than just a cursory glance. 

Check in later today for the first of these BestBlogs.   Who knows?  It might be you.


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