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Farlane (dot) Blog

Farlane’s a guy who describes himself as indulging in “dangerous photoshop experimentation.” When he’s not showing you photos of dice that have been dropped on white tile until they bounce just so,  he’s writing about cool stuff he finds on the web, about politics, about photography and about whatever else catches his eye. He’s a web designer with a good eye, so you’ll find some interesting things on his site.



Dr. Sign-Out is a medical resident. She’s created a blog to help her cope with her job, which isn’t an easy one, requiring as it does that she be coherent without actually sleeping very much. She’s got interesting insights into medicine and into the way doctors are trained. It’s not clear how she manages to blog, cure people of their illnesses, and get by on very little sleep. We’re lucky she’s trying it though.

Dr. Sign-Out came to our attention in that most time honored of ways: she emailed us (bestblogonwordpress (at) yahoo (dot) com). If you’ve got something you think we should take a look at, why don’t you do the same? It’ll help us get through the December Blog A Day effort.

Strange Maps


Strange Maps is the sort of site that can quickly become a daily obsession. Its origins are a bit mysterious, having no about page, but if you go to its beginnings (in September) you’ll find this: ” I like maps. I like weird maps, the kind you won’t find in a regular atlas. Maps of countries that never existed – or never will exist. I’ve given up on categorizing the maps I’ve collected so far – irredentism, alternate history,… – and decided to just be a little less anal. So, just for fun, here are the weirdest maps I found on the internet.”

And that’s it, really: a truly interesting, quirky, surprising site by someone who, before blogging made it possible, might never have been able to reach people with these fascinating maps and the stories behind them. We’re very grateful to Mr. (or Ms.) Strange Maps for sharing these with us.

December Blog A Day is turning up lots of unexpected treats — many thanks to the readers who’ve been shooting fabulous tips to us. That’s how we came across Strange Maps, by the way. Someone pointed it out, and that was all we needed to bring it to your attention.

Natalia Antonova

Natalia Antonova was born in Kiev, went to Duke and writes like an angel. Her blog is unclassifiable, but for once that’s not a criticism. I loved it and wish I had several days to read everything she’s written. I don’t, not if I have any hope of keeping my family fed and myself employed. But in the time I spent there, this made me want to cry. This had me howling. And this photo of a gorgeous footballer from Chelsea made me wish I was British, just so maybe I’d run into him someday in the pouring rain and he’d hand me an umbrella or something.

How did I find this one? I went over to Ms. Hedonistic Pleasure Seeker, featured a few days ago, and looked around her blogroll and there Natalia was.

How do we at Best Blog on WordPress find YOU? Email us and tell us what a great blog you or someone you know has! bestblogonwordpress(at)yahoo(dot)com will work if you want us to take a look for the December Blog a Day.

White Thoughts No-One Sees

The discovery of today’s best blog came about in a slightly different manner than my usual method. This blog was actually one I stumbled upon via a pingback on our “Blog a Day” post. Apparently Kerryn thought it would be interesting to write about us instead of the other way around. So, now to the review.

White Thoughts No-One Sees is a personal blog written by a woman named Kerryn. Kerryn is an Australian who is apparently not afraid of a challenge which is evidenced in her latest post telling of her desire to “read a book that I want to hurl against the wall in a fit of pique.” In all seriousness, though, Kerryn seems to be a blogger with a knack for expressing her thoughts and reporting the events of her life with wit and wisdom.

Some andecdotes of note include (but are not limited to):

Overall, White Thoughts No-One Sees is a well written and personable account of the life and thoughts of this Austrailian woman of many roles.

A nice find for our December Blog-a-day.

I Eat Games

veryhappy.jpgI Eat Games is a game review site — not just any games, but downloadable or cheap games. The kind of games you don’t have to shell out the big bucks for. The kind of games that are still fun to play. That smiley face over there to the left? That’s the highest rating you can get from I Eat Games.

And so, inspired by the I Eat Games rating system, we’re going to borrow it for today’s post and give this site an “extremely happy” face rating. Why?

  • The about page is well written and interesting. It’s easy to figure out who writes the blog because she tells you: she’s a college girl at the University of Evansville. Other pages tell you what she’s going to do on the blog and how to get in touch with her. Why don’t more bloggers do this kind of thing?
  • Her site has a light touch. It’s easy to read, and it leaves you wanting to read more.
  • Interesting links. I don’t know about you, but links to good, free downloadable games make me happy.
  • It’s a growing site — just few days ago she announced that she’s going to start reviewing board games every once in a while. It was fun seeing a little bit of expansion in focus.

Another wonderful December Blog!

No Dependencies No Logo

Without question, No Dependencies No Logo is one of the finest blogs on WordPress.  No Dependencies No Logo is an astonishingly simple, elegant blog, a blog that demonstrates what you can do with the tools available from WordPress.  Nils, its proprietor, is a very good writer.  He can take a subject as seemingly ordinary as cleaning his keyboard, and raise it to new heights.   You’ll find everything from meditations on good grammar to interesting discussions of good design, to movies and books on this blog.  What unifies the blog is Nils’s unique point of view and his wonderful writing.

Nils is a member of the 9Rules network, and his blog exemplifies the high standards of 9Rules.

We’re proud to feature him today on our December Blog A Day.


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