Edgecast: Make Your Own Media

Bingo. I clicked on the tag for “Christmas,” curious to see what people are saying about this holiday, hoping for something a little out of the ordinary and there I found Edgecast: Make Your Own Media. It’s run by Conn Ó Muíneacháin, Irish language podcaster, former broadcaster, and a guy whose Christmas post tells you how to find videos of Santa speaking in many of the world’s languages — even in sign language. Like all good sites, this is written by someone who’s clearly in love with his subject and a terrific writer to boot.

The only thing I want for Christmas from Edgecast? More pictures! (I know, that’s very shallow when you’ve got a site that’s so beautifully written, but I like to look at things too. And I like to have something to steal from a site to illustrate my BestBlog post. I briefly thought of looking for a photo or drawing of something or someone recognizably Irish wearing a Santa hat for today’s post, and then decided even I couldn’t descend that far in the face of a site so good. And — probably more plausible — I don’t have time for that sort of thing if I’m going to get a site up every day this month.)

And thanks to reader Rhea, author of the wonderful Boomer Chronicles, for her email yesterday nominating several blogs. If you’d like to nominate a wordpress blog (that’s any blog with wordpress in its url: xxxxx.wordpress.com) you can email us this month at bestblogonwordpress (dot) yahoo (dot) com.

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